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Wedding & Party Toastmaster Birmingham

Peter Newbold’s wealth of experience has taken him to dozens of different types of events and functions, so regardless of the occasion you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that he will bring expertise and his own personal flair.

Weddings are always in need of a seasoned toastmaster, and Peter has knowledge which spans across all kinds of weddings – from the traditional British church wedding to civil ceremonies and weddings of other cultures. These events typically see large numbers of guests, so it’s crucial to work with somebody who knows a little about crowd control; after all, the last thing you want is for people to start drifting away from the main event! Peter doesn’t limit himself to making announcements, and he will also take responsibility for ensuring that people are in the right place at the right time – giving you the peace of mind that makes the day so special.

Enjoy our range of Toastmaster specialised events

Of course, weddings aren’t his only speciality, so from corporate dinners to bah mitzvahs and birthday parties, you can rely on Peter’s time management skills to keep proceedings to time, ensuring that the caterer’s efforts aren’t spoilt by over-running!

Above all, Peter will ensure that any event runs smoothly by liaising with the hosts and organisers to keep everybody on the same page, and make proceedings effortless for those in charge.