Indian Weddings: Organising the Busiest Day of Your Life

Having attended and conducted over a hundred Indian weddings over the years I’ve been working as a professional toastmaster, I fully understand the incredible amount of organisation that goes into making the day a huge success.

Planning an Indian wedding can take a lot of time and thought. As you know, they are often huge celebrations that include the attendance of hundreds of guests. This can make it hard to arrange a reliable structure to your day.

Which is where I come in.

As an experienced toastmaster, it’s my job to make sure that your entire day goes exactly to plan. From morning to late evening, I make it my responsibility to help keep your wedding on track.


Wedding Ceremony

Early Morning Duties

On the morning of an Indian wedding, there is always a flurry of activity. From the florist to the Imam, it’s essential that someone is available to greet them and show them where they need to be. I understand that the bride, groom and family of both, are extremely busy at this time of the day, which is why I’m more than happy to take on this role. I arrive early at the wedding ceremony location, ready to greet the vendors and other important people and show them exactly where they should be.

Seating The Guests

As I earlier stated, there are often hundreds of guests invited to an Indian wedding. Seating this many people can easily end up as a disaster, unless done correctly and in good time. During previous weddings, I’ve been asked to assist the ushers in making sure that the guests know exactly where and when they should be seated. It’s something that has become a lot easier (and quicker) over time and I thoroughly enjoy greeting each and every guest with a smile!


Post Ceremony

After the wedding ceremony has taken place, most of the guests are often expected to head for snacks, whilst the wedding party stays behind for photographs at the mandap. My job is usually to show the guests exactly where to go. I will then stay with them, entertaining and answering any questions that they may have. Pictures could go on for quite a while, so I always find I’m better served keeping the guests happy and in a good mood.

Wedding Reception

Before the Guests Arrive

Once the guests are invited to be a part of the photographs, I often use this time to make my way to the wedding reception. Just like with the wedding ceremony, I will greet the vendors and show them where to set up. This will include the caterers and the DJ, as well as the florist and the cake vendor. Everything needs to be perfect before people arrive; so I make it my mission to see that it is!

Introducing the Wedding Party

After I’ve helped the guests to their seats, I’m often asked to introduce the entire wedding party to the room. This will include the bridesmaids, followed by the bride, groom and their parents. This is one of the most important parts of the reception, and it’s my job to make sure that everyone is lined up on time.

The Toasts

At Western weddings, I’m often in charge of giving the wedding toast to everyone. At Indian weddings, they often prefer to keep the toasts within the family. This means I’m free to make sure that everything runs on time and that the guests are still happy and comfortable.

If you require my expertise on the biggest day of your life, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. Simply give me a call on 07768 933321 and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have, or make an appointment to come and chat with me about your requirements.