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About Peter

Peter was trained professionally at the Guild of International and Professional Toastmasters, one of the oldest organisations promoting the skill of the Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. Training was given by his peers, with his mentors sharing over 50 years of experience.

A rigorous exam successfully passed allowed Peter to become a Fellow of the Guild of International and Professional Toastmasters and have the letters F.G.Int.P.T after his name. This training enhanced the personal skills he had already attained from managing seminars and speaking at professional courses when he was a Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants in private practice. He finds standing in front of over 250 people a real enjoyment, and will take naturally to any crowd!

Peter also has a vast experience in dealing with the public not just from his days in the business world but also from when he was working for the yacht charter business as a qualified RYA Yacht master, shepherding guests on charter yachts around such Mediterranean areas as the Greek Isles, Croatia, Turkey and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. Peter is sociable, approachable, coolheaded and relaxed when other are panicking around him. He had to be working in the yacht charter business!!

The red coat is a great addition to his frame which he tries to keep in shape developed initially from his days playing rugby and gym work to currently cycling. Travelling internationally to events is also not a problem. Travelling is a passion, and except for Antarctica Peter has visited countries in all continents of the World and when not working enjoys time out in the South West of France.